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The latest development in the area of installation systems are USMetrix®PEX multilayer pipes. They are made of durable material, resistant to long lasting influence of high temperatures and pressure.

Multilayer pipes USMetrix®PEX consist of five connected layers. The aluminium core, which forms an anti-diffusion barrier and reduces the thermal expansion of the pipe, is connected using two layers of glue, with high density polyethylene resistant to high temperatures. Thanks to such composition the pipes have the advantages of both plastic and metal.

For connecting multilayer pipes we use two different types of fittings:
  • Clamping ring fittings - which do not need tools for pressing or crimping. The connection is made through tightening the nut with the fastening ring inside;

  • Thanks to high resistance and exploitation parameters, USMetrix®PEX multilayer pipes are widely used in building industry. They can be used in both newly constructed buildings, as well as restored ones in:
  • water service tubing,
  • internal systems of hot and cold water,
  • central heating,
  • external water and heating networks,
  • chemical, technological and compressed air installations
  •       Advantages of USMetrix®PEX installations:
  • resistance to high and low temperatures, maximum working temperature +95C,
  • corrosion resistance,
  • longest durability amongst non-metal installations,
  • shock resistance,
  • high chemical resistance to over 300 chemical substances,
  • light weight, which makes assembling of the system easy,
  • high flexibility and easy coiling,
  • resistance to breakage due to freezing water,
  • inexpensive installation.
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