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Polypropylene appears to be one of the best choices when taking into consideration material and long term usage properties. The years of tests made it possible to improve the technology of designing modern welding tools and thermostats. They assure the correct and constant temperature when used to assembly a system, which is one of the basic conditions to assure durability and long lasting performance of polypropylene water sanitary installations.
      The advantages of USMetrix®PP installations:
  • corrosion resistance, which enables 50 years of life without any need for change,
  • high chemical resistance,
  • low weight, which facilitates transport and assembly,
  • the system is fast and easy to assemble and install,
  • low thermal conductivity, which makes it possible to limit the insulation,
  • high smoothness giving good hydraulic conditions for the flow,
  • low noise level of the flow,
  • ability to weld easily when high temperature is applied and make a solid,
  • monolithic connection.
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