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Multilayer pipe USMetrix®Pex consists of : high density polyethylene resistant to high temperetures (p), glue (k), aluminum layer (a), glue (k),high density polyethylene resistant to high temperetures (p).

Assortment: Main component of the USMetrixPEX system is a multilayer pipe. It is available in sizes 16 x 2,0 - 20 x 2,0.

Multilayer pipe
Multilayer pipe
Cat. #   Size   Unit  Qty. bag   Qty. box 
MRA16   16mm x 2mm   m   100   100 
MRA16-200   16mm x 2mm   m   200   200 
MRA20   20mm x 2mm   m   100   100 
Cat. #- Catalogue no.
Size- Size
Unit- Unit
Qty. bag- Qty. bag (units)
Qty. box- Qty. box (units)
  • hot and cold water distribution in plumbing applications,
  • radiator and floor heating.

  • Advantages of USMetrix®Pex pipes:
  • anti-diffusion 100%,
  • scaling and mineral build-up resistant,
  • corrosion resistant,
  • flexibility of pipes reduces the number of fittings needed for
  • installation,
  • easy, quick to make and inexpensive installation,
  • smooth inner walls,
  • minimal thermal expansion.
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