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The System Whether it is replacement of old, rusty water pipes, or installation of a new, hot water heater, our PVC/CPVC water system has everything that is needed to easily complete all home plumbing repairs and new installations. USMetrix® elements are made of superior, energy-saving thermoplastic materials which are easy to work with and outperform all existing traditional metal water systems.

The Technology The USMetrix® products are manufactured under strict quality control. The combination of technology and market expertise provides our customers with the finest hot and cold water plumbing installations available on the market today.

Diversified Sales Strategies Using a massive network of distribution and warehousing, our company can very conveniently supply clients throughout the European market. We provide our customers with many different ways of purchasing products. The pricing and distribution structure is highly diversified to reflect individual needs of each market and each customer. With local manufacturing plant of USMetrix Poland, central Customs Bonded Warehouses and logistics center of GSP Group Ltd. we provide competitive prices, technical support, transportation assistance to keep our customers satisfied at all times.
      Advantages - USMetrix®: :
  • installations are modern and have professional appearance,
  • the system is fast and easy to assemble and install,
  • installation procedure does not require special equipment,
  • is designed to last 5-10 times longer than metal installations,
  • is less expensive than steel or copper installations,
  • does not require expensive maintenance,
  • smooth interior surface prevents clogging,
  • can handle vibration and high pressure better than metal,
  • is over 300 times more energy efficient than steel and 2500 times more efficient than copper installations,
  • pipes are 6 times lighter than steel pipes,
  • is resistant to condensation, electricity and fire,
  • installations do not rust, pit or scale,
  • is resistant to over 400 different chemical substances.
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