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Do it yourself :

Assembling the system is very fast and easy, and the solvent-welded joints are more durable than any fusion joints. The whole process does not require any expensive tools or electric welding devices like for other types of plastic installations.
All you need for solvent welding are : pipe cutter, chamfering tool, cleaner and solvent cement.
Cut the pipe squarely with a pipe cutter or a fine-blade hacksaw.
Using the chamfering tool and/or sandpaper, remove any burrs and slightly chamfer the outer end of pipe. Then wipe off the remaining particles with a dry, clean cloth.
Dry-assemble the pipe and fitting to ensure proper fit and alignment.
Apply USMetrix® cleaner to both surfaces to be joined, with a clean cloth or brush ...
... this will clean the surfaces, make them free of moisture and grease, and prepare them for better solvent penetration.
Apply solvent cement evenly to the pipe's end using the dauber attached to the top of the glue can.
Apply thin coat of solvent cement to the fitting socket.
Without waiting insert the pipe into fitting's socket with a slight twist. It is a good idea to hold the parts together for a few seconds, letting the solvent cement set enough to hold them.
USMetrix® components can be easily connected to other water supply/heating systems using threaded metal fittings and metal-plastic unions.
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